We are the team of Indian cow devotees. We love Indian samskruthi. We are here to develop,educate,promote Indian cows, it's benefits and NATURAL FARMING, PANCHAGAVYA and AYURVEDA to the farmers and public.

Our Mission & Vision

  • To educate people and promote the importance of BHARATHIYA cow breeds and it's benefits.
  • To educate and promote agriculturists on cow based ORGANIC FARMING.
  • Research and development of INDIGENOUS INDIAN cow breeds and their by-products.
  • To serve the society in nominal price to maintain GOUSHALA by providing the various cow products viz.milk, curd, butter, ghee, cow urine, cow dung and natural organic pesticides.
  • To educate and promote the public on cow based medicines to heal from diseases ( PANCHAGAVYA ).
  • Vedic way agriculture ny using cow by-products
  • Astrological way of plantations and breeding (Using lagna & starts)
  • Growing cow, according to music therapy system (using instrumental sounds)

  • We encourage farmers to grow BHARATHIYA cow breed and promote importance of BHARATHIYA cow breeds in agriculture.
  • Educate and promote endangered and endemic medicinal plants and their uses (Ayurveda Nati Medicines).
  • To enrich and sustain INDIAN culture.
  • To promote the importance of holy cow to the society.
  • Health and education.
  • Rural reconstruction activity.
  • Building relationship between cow & human
Core Committee
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