We are the team of cow devotees, we have vision to take forward our ancestral culture of goshala to the next generation with the mission to give healthy lifestyle to society. With immense scientific knowledge along with traditional background. We thrive to bring in goshala to benefit both farmers and Indian cattles.

For the maintenance & development of Goushala we require sufficient amount to maintain hygiene and quality. We are getting contribution from different parts of the world. Donation from cow devotees, we are offering to the cow lovers to participate in Indian Gouraksha (conserving) and obtain boundless mercy of goumatha (mother) join your hands with us.

Since time immemorial, we have an organic traditional Goushala, which will benefits both farmers & cattle by protecting our ecosystem also we thrive to bring Vedictime farming, according to ancient Rhishi's

Our main aim is to help farmers with healthy cattle in organic farm and products should reach the consumers directly from the field, also to create healthy society for our future generation which is carried in our leaniage. We have experienced traditional background people like Ayurveda, Naativaidya, Goushala thagnas with panchagavya experiences.

Building a Goushala is single time investment but maintaining the quality, cleanliness of the products, Sourcing organic food for the cattles is a challenging task

A cow requires good amount of organic and nutritious food to yield pure milk and must require regular income source from the cow. Hence we sell milk products and its by-products to generate the revenue, meanwhile we use natural pesticides fungicides, Herbicide to maintain traditional and specific way.

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