Bharathiya Cows


Tharparkar is a breed of cattle originating in tharparkar district in sindh provin in present day Pakistan. It is a dwal purpose breed known for both its milking and draught potential.

The nimari cattle are a breed to domestic cattle which are native to the nimar region of India. It is a draght breed and also good for milk production.
Red kandhari, locally known as lal kandhari, is a breed of cattle native to India they are named so because of their almost universal deep red Coloured skin.

Siri are a breed of cattle originating from Bhutan and of the zebu family of cattle. They are now in various parts of Sikkim and darijeeling.
Bachaur is a breed of cattle native to India. The districts of madhubani, darbhanga and sitamarhi in north bihar form the nature tract of this breed.

Mewathi also known as kosi is an Indigenous breed of cattle in India. They are named after mewat in haryan state. They are known to be related to gyr and Haryanvi cattle breeds.
Krishna valley cattle is a breed of cattle native to north Karnataka region in India. It is known to have originated in the areas drained by the Krishna. Ghataprabha and malaprabha rivers of the bijapur and belgum districts.

Punganur dwarf cattle which originated from the chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh in southern India is amoung the world’s smallest humped cattle breeds. The punganur breed’s milk has a high fat content and is rich in medicinal properties.
The Vechur cattle is a rare breed of bos indicus cattle named after the village. Vechoor in kollayam district of the state of kerala in india.

Kherigarh is an indigenous breed of cattle in india it originated in the lakhimpur kheri district of the state of uttar Pradesh. The cattle are closely related to malwa. It is a draught breed the bulls are used for light draft works.
Bargur is a breed off cattle native to the bargur forest hills is authiyur taluk of erode district in western tamil nadu.

Sindhi cattle are the most popular of all zebu dairy breeds.
Hariana cow is a breed of zebu cattle indigenous to north india. It is the native of karnal, Rohtak, Hissar, jind and gurgawn district in the Haryana state.

Sahiwal is a breed of zebu cattle which primarily is used in dairy production. Sahiwal originaled from the sahiwal district of Punjab province in Pakistan.
Umblachery is an indigenous breed of cattle in India it is native to the coastal plains of nagapattinam and tirwarur (d:8) in the state of tamil nadu in south india it is draft purpose breed mainly used for agricultural work it is related to the kangayam cattle of the same state.
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